22 July, 2011

Walk away.

I went for a walk to nowhere to sit alone and let my thoughts explode...

So human, even though a part doesn't want to be; isn't that why I found myself out here in the first place? And still, even though it's beautiful as it is - lonely - I'm praying for someone to find me here, maybe someone who was looking for loneliness too, and we'll be lonely together. Not lonely though. Alone. Distinct from the rest of the world.

This place I cannot describe. I'll try - it is a breeze, stirring something deep inside yet only just brushing the surface. It is hot and desolate with an icy clear beauty. The empty sky. A stark background to grey-green leaves that end like they've been cut, just where the white-yellow sand begins.

...proof that I can't write on demand.


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