04 June, 2013

The best kind of break up.

I watched a movie tonight called "Celeste and Jesse Forever" that was sweet and sad and funny and honest.

It is about a break up between two people who are essentially soul mates and best friends and how each of them copes with moving on from the relationship.

It made me think...all break ups should be like theirs.

Wouldn't you want the last thing you say to each other to be 'I love you', whilst accepting that now it is over and you both have to move on?

You could leave knowing that you have left a piece of your heart with them, and likewise you have a piece of theirs. Forever.

The perfect break up.

Instead, it seems that break ups are too often nasty and whatever love was there to begin with is buried in the aftermath.

I cried because I wish that this movie could be true in life, whilst I know that it is unlikely that it ever will be.

Friendships disintegrate. Relationships break down. We all have to move on.


trishie said...

I agree - too often break ups are really nasty and ugly. I would be nice to stay friends and amicable with the person you once loved.

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