11 June, 2011

Do you tremble?

Can't help but write long poems lately - my thoughts are runaway.

Rushing and heaving,
A room filled with mouths,
Your lips shaped to,
Words only I heard,

My eyes drawn to yours,
Dark deepest drowning,
Your eyes on mine,
Know I am safe here,

Side by side and close,
The gentlest touch,
Tremble, I try,
To focus on breath,

Hottest heat burning,
A haze seems to shift,
Lines are all blurred,
Clarity in you,

The crowd stirs, mutters,
Yet here we remain still,
Silent shy stunned,
Hesitant to break,

Tremble, we tremble,
A shimmering bond,
Feel it budding,
A new bud to bloom,

A sigh passes now,
Cold recognition,
Crowd starts to move,
We pull away slow,

Heat all leaves with you,
Fading and falling,
Cold rushes in,
I shiver and hurt,

Dare not to glance back,
Though I am aching,
The flower wilts,
Will it bloom again?


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