15 May, 2011

I don't wanna care right now.

Some stream of consciousness-type writing that I did one day, on a real downer about life, with the lyrics to I Don't Wanna Care Right Now by Lupe Fiasco stuck in my head...

i don't wanna care right now i really don't i just want to worry about me and get all these other people's problems out of my head because if i really think about it i think if it was just me in my head i wouldn't have any problems and i'm really sick of all these tears hiding away and waiting to bring me crashing down really really really i just want to not care and for god's sake go away and stop talking so loud i just wanna care about me there's so much room here and you're crowding up my head where i tell you there's not much space at all in fact there's none so get the fuck out leave i think i'd like to be a tree and just watch the world go by and know there's actually nothing i can do but sit back and watch instead i've convinced myself that i can do something and so i stress and try not to cry and forget my train of thought i'm forgetting how to breathe again stop this stop this stop this and breathe i wish life was as easy as spewing these words out of my head it's not meant to be this hard i swear.


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