05 April, 2011

You were thinking of me, weren't you?

Musing at Matilda Bay...
A breeze whisks around me, curling and stirring,
Shivers skitter briefly across my skin, though the air is warm,
As I imagine you finding me here, thinking of you,
Of course, you will never discover the time I have spent,
The quiet moments lost in memories of you,
I wonder at how much time we all take in the day,
To occupy our minds with the ones who have taken residence there,
And are quite unlikely to leave in any time to come,
As another figure strolls towards me, in a haze of thought,
I think of what it would be to have them on my mind,
For them to come across me here and know and say,
You were thinking of me, weren't you?
To know that then; they were thinking of me too.


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